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The conference will bring together the best specialists in the Front-end development. Douglas Crockford who is the author of the book «Good parts in JavaScript» and the creator of JSON will personally give a lecture for his fans.   JS Fest 2018 program includes modern JS frameworks, Back-end JS, reactive programming and mobile JS.


LuckyBooks charitable project jointly with «Osnovy» Publishing House will translate into Ukrainian the book called «Girling Up» by Mayim Bialik, the star of TV series «The Big Bang Theory».   The book for teenage girls by Mayim Bialik received a lot of positive reviews from the literary community and was included in The New York Times Bestseller list las


On Friday, January 12, a number of Ukrainian media reported that Lucky Labs office was subjected to searches, with reference to the messages of the press service of the company. Lucky Labs press service did not make this statement. The letter was distributed from the Gmail account, while the company's mail services worked properly. This is how the fake newsletter looked like: For a year


The first stage of free programming courses for children has been finished and a new group is being prepared in the public library in Podol. Information about the end of the course is published on the library’s page in Facebook network. Over the last few months bootcamp graduates have learned the basics of the Python programming language and created their first game «rock-scissors-p


Programmers from Kiev brought gifts to Dovbysh special boarding school in Zhytomyr region on December 19th. Children with intellectual disabilities of various degrees study at the institution. More than 40% of students are disabled, most of them do not have parents. At the boarding school children study the school curriculum and gain the professional skills of carpenters, fitters and seamstress


The book titled «Loudly, quiet, in a whisper» of creative workshop «Agrafka» published by the Old Lion Publishing House got a special award from the only in Ukraine rating of children’s literature «BARABOOKA» for the creative approach to the popular science literature for teenagers.   This particular book was selected by the representatives of the