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The programming course Create Your Game on Unity 3D has finished in the Children’s Library in Podil. For three months the schoolchildren from Kiyv and Kyiv region studied the basics of the software engineering, the principles of code writing and creating original games in the most popular platform Unity 3D. Free courses were organized by IT Company Lucky Labs. In the course of lectures c


Technologies in IT education are changing rapidly: many teaching methods are constantly being improved, depending on new market requirements. IT company Lucky Labs has developed a unique training program for schoolchildren who want to become programmers. It is based on key trends of modern IT education - less interval and gamification. The first principle consists in laconic forms of training w


65 students from Ukraine and Moldova learn entrepreneurial thinking and how to create projects within business intensive at Summer StartUp Camp organized by a network of business incubators YEP!. The majority of the participants expects to both gain new knowledge and test own ideas. Olga Rusu, a 20 years old student from Balti (Moldova), wants to develop her own ecological project which is aime


BGTopi startup was recognized as the best student tech project in the YEP! Acceleration Demo Day Contest. It recievd 5000 Euro from European Fund for Southeast Europe (EFSE) for the further development. The main idea of the project is the unique original board games carried out as a gift box which can be bought on the subscription basis. There are three or four exclusive games and unique handm


On June 24, the visitors of the YouthDay festival competed in their knowledge about startups in three games and won presents. Young people compared startups and countries of their founding, as well as guessing the age of the founders of the world's most famous startups. It turns out that WordPress, Mozilla Firefox, Tumbler were founded by students, as well as the famous Microsoft and Facebook.


25 board games aimed at developing logic, abstract thinking, imagination and communication skills appeared in the Sievierodonetsk city library for children. A free space in the library was created with the support of the IT company Lucky Labs within a charitable project #D20. Children from the camp within the local club “Iskra” took part in the presentation of the #D20 project. The