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This and other experiments for children were held at the presentation of the new book within LuckyBooks project “Summer in the DNA Length” by Alina Shtefan. The book in the form of adventure novel provides its readers with simple answers to complicated questions, for example: How a gene can be modified? What is 4D life printer? Can mammoth be cloned? “We are now entering


Around 1200 children deprived of parents’ care got the desired presents at the tenth all-Ukrainian festival Bukovynska Mriia. The children were presented bicycles, books, tablets, sport equipment, sweets, and even trips around Ukraine by not indifferent philanthropist. The children had described all their dreams in letters to the organizers of the festival in advance. “I wrote


Big Data, AI and DevOps have the highest level of income in the Eastern European IT market. It is these spheres of tech industry that have been in demand in recent years in Poland, Belarus, Bulgaria and Ukraine. In addition to innovative directions, IT professionals with the QA skills (Manual and Automation), Java, .NET, JavaScript, C ++ and Python are also of high demand on the market. The lev


25 youth startups from various spheres, such as medicine, agricultural sector, education, food industry and entertainment were presented at DEMO DAY-2 Forum in Kyiv organized by YEP, a network of academic business-incubators. A startup called GiftHub became the winner of the competition. It is a Telegram Bot aimed at providing assistance in choosing the best present for a certain person. Igor L


Kramatorsk, Rubizhne, Sloviansk, Sievierodonetsk, Lysychansk, Kharkiv and dozen more cities and towns received the following books published within LuckyBooks project: George and the Unbreakable Code by Lucy and Stephen Hawking, What If? by Randall Munroe and education gamebook The Solar System by Jeremy Clays. "According to our data related to reading among children audience, modern fanta


According to "Digital entrepreneurship in Ukraine," about 400 start-ups are launched in Ukraine every year. Only a few of them get to the most popular crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. However, even there not everyone can find the necessary investments. YEP is an alternative platform for developing and launching Ukrainian startups. This is a network of academic bu