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Recreate the world of the Jurassic period, cure genetic diseases, oncology, feed the world's population constantly growing, - science fiction becomes a reality due to the development of genetic engineering.  LuckyBooks charity project has announced the publication of the first in Ukraine book on biotechnology for young people.  An open interview with Alina Shtefan,


  The first   PM Marathon from «Web Academy»   on the effective management of projects in IT sector has been finished on August 18th. Five leading project managers of Ukraine based on their own experience told how to properly create and maintain projects, assess the risks, motivate a team, meet deadlines and not exceed the


Lucky Labs has created and launched a project on publication, translation and free distribution of Ukrainian popular scientific literature for teenagers. A well-known musician became a member of the Expert Council of the project. A joint charity project titled LuckyBooks of a charitable organization «Future of Ukraine» and IT-company Lucky Labs has been presented at the "Book A