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Bukovynska Mriia Fulfilled More Than 1000 Children’s Dreams

Bukovynska Mriia Fulfilled More Than 1000 Children’s Dreams

Around 1200 children deprived of parents’ care got the desired presents at the tenth all-Ukrainian festival Bukovynska Mriia.

The children were presented bicycles, books, tablets, sport equipment, sweets, and even trips around Ukraine by not indifferent philanthropist. The children had described all their dreams in letters to the organizers of the festival in advance.

“I wrote in my letter that I would like to get a sport bicycle. Today I got it as a present. It is wonderful! I was presented sweets, stationery for studying and an interesting book as well. I like everything in this camp, but chemical experiments stuck in my memory most of all. They included experiments by “magicians chemists” such as geysers, burning hands and volcano eruption”, said Maryna Choba, 13 years old, from “Orshivskyi orphanage” public institution.

“I have an unusual dream. I want to learn Turkish and move to Istanbul. I like Turkish culture and series. My best memory from the camp is a dance flash mob and the Talent Day, where everyone had a possibility to show his or her talent”, shared her impression Ivanka Lukashko from Kosiv orphan boarding gymnasium school (Ivano-Frankivsk region) who is 13 years old.

The festival took place in the Carpathian mountains in Mygovo village (Chernivtsi region) with support of “I am the Future of Ukraine” Charitable Foundation and other philanthropists. The children from 18 orphanages from different regions of Ukraine gathered there.

A part of these children will stay in the local camp for two weeks free of charge. They will be involved in a large-scale program and numerous workshops organized specially for them.

The organizers state that the main objective of the camp is to instil in children leadership skills and a sense of self-identity.

“We want all our children to be treated not as poor children from orphanages as a whole, but as individuals who can think, make decisions and plans regarding their own lives. Their dreams are incredible. Many of them noted that they wanted to travel. The children want to visit lake Synevyr, the Carpathian mountains, Lviv, and they want to know more about our country”, said Marta Levchenko, the director of “I am the Future of Ukraine” Charitable Foundation.

This year a lot of philanthropists from abroad joined the festival. Financial support was provided by representatives of the USA, Canada, Luxembourg, France and Germany. It is interesting to note that both adults and children acted as “magicians” who turned the dreams into reality. Children baked cupcakes and made cocktails for their peers from orphanages.

LuckyBooks, which is a charitable project aimed at publishing and distribution of popular scientific literature for teens in Ukrainian, also participated in the festival. Thanks to the project, the children got the following modern non-fiction literature - “George and the Unbreakable Code” by Stephen Hawking and “The Solar System” by Pierre-Francois Morio and Jeremy Clays.

“These books in the form of adventure game tell readers how our Universe is organized. They teach to think big, look at everything from different points of view and see unusual features in things that seem quite ordinary. Children are interested in many thing, for example, whether night can exist on the Moon, and whether a computer can perform all the tasks. Lucky Labs Company is a key partner of Bukovynska Mriia, since we strive to provide children with knowledge, make them closer to innovations and show that everyone of them can become an inventor and create something new. The most important thing required for it is to dream bravely and make steady progress towards one’s own goal“, noted Tetiana Vovkanych, PR Manager from Lucky Lab, the co-founder of LuckyBooks.

The children enjoyed not only numerous workshops. A music band Salto Nazad, Borysenko brothers, and a singer LAVIKA entertained them as well. Moreover, Oleg Skrypka gave a performance on June, 5, the last day of the festival.

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