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Flashmob # pіdbery - one of the ideas that emerged during the ecological literary workshop for teenagers from LakіBuks. Trainer course was the famous writer, winner of the Children's Book of the Air Force in 2016. Galina Tkachuk. Under her leadership, the children wrote a book on the problem of garbage in Ukraine. The end of the workshop, noted in a bookstore "Smoloskyp". &nb


Ukrainian teenagers can now get familiar with the history of life and scientific researches of Nicola Tesla, a prominent physicist whose inventions are used by the entire world. The plot is highlighted by Espresso.TV. The author's book by the famous Italian writer and art drawing by Luca Novelli has been presented within the framework of the Publishers’ Forum in Lviv. This i


Ukraine’s top-three tech industry employers have retained their positions on the market, while upping the numbers of their staff, software developer community said in its latest overview of the Ukrainian IT market, which was published on Aug. 7