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“Summer…” Came To Donbass

“Summer…” Came To Donbass

Children’s establishments of twenty-five towns in the Eastern part of Ukraine received a book by Alina Shtefan called Summer in the DNA Length. Novopskov, Pavlograd, Kupiansk, Izium, Lysychansk, Sloviansk, and many others are among these towns. 

"If you're 14 - 15 years old and you are concerned with quite various and sometimes extremely unusual questions such as: Can a mammoth be cloned? Should we be afraid of GMOs? - so, the mysterious world of biotechnology is ready to reveal you its secrets in this popular science novel", - describes the book Nadiia Bakaieva, the deputy director for work with children of Novopskov Central Library System. 

The book was presented by LuckyBooks at the Book Arsenal in June. 

"Children’s libraries have popular science literature for children and teenagers. However, books from the LuckyBooks project are different because they have modern and unusual designs and give answers to various, quite unexpected questions which thrill the minds of our readers", - says Maryna Nikolaieva, the leading librarian from Sievierodonetsk Children’s Library. 

"The subject of the Summer in the DNA Length can be defined as the following: sophisticated science in simple words. Children read such books with a great pleasure because they are written in a simple language. They read these books with parents and it is a perfect topic for home discussion", - expresses her opinion Inna Sukhonosova, the director of Rubizhne Central Library System.

Overall, children’s establishment in the East of Ukraine received almost 1000 copies of the book Summer in the DNA Length. 

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In January 2019, 850 copies of popular science books for teenagers from the charity project, LuckyBooks replenished the funds of children's libraries throughout Ukraine. This was announced by the project initiator, international investor and founder of the IT company Lucky Labs, Sergei Tokarev. Kyiv, Ukraine, January 24, 2019 --( According to Tokarev, libraries received Ukrainian-l


Today village libraries in Ukraine suffer a lack of modern and high quality children’s literature. While situation with fiction literature is satisfactory, quantity of popular science literature is reported to be insufficient. In terms of this, the charitable project LuckyBooks sent to libraries in Ukrainian villages a new book by Andrii Tuzhykov called A Brief History of Technology: How


Three young activists - Ievhenii Bozhevskyi from Dnipro, Valentyna Rotari from Balti in Moldova, and Mariana Korolchuk from Ivano-Frankivsk first met at YEP Summer StartUp Camp 2018, the international entrepreneurship camp. “The international entrepreneurship camp was held in Kyiv in July, 11-15. After several days the young people worked out a unique project called Silince,” write