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Tech-savvy persons vs humanitarians: a lecture on IT management was held in Kyiv

Tech-savvy persons vs humanitarians: a lecture on IT management was held in Kyiv

A lecture for project managers who are beginners in IT field was held at Projector school in Kyiv. The main topic of the lecture was defined as follows: “What should project managers without technical background know about the process of web development?”

Olha Koroleva, Project Manager from the company Lucky Labs, held the lecture. The issues concerning efficiency in project management were raised in the course of the discussion.

“There is a difference between managers,” Olha Koroleva believes. According to her, many humanitarians who apply for such positions have previous working experience in digital marketing or web studios. On the one hand, they are extremely experienced in communication with clients. But on the other hand, due to the lack of technical background they can give a customer some false promises because of misleading evaluation of tasks’ complexity. In such a case humanitarians have a tendency to bother developers on all technical issues multiple times.

Due to above mentioned reasons the benefits of a project manager with technical background are quite evident.

“Such specialist will never state that a project can easily be completed in 3 days. He can assess in an adequate way a scope of work required and possible traps and pitfalls. However, any tech-savvy person has weak sides as well: a passion for micro management to the detriment of main objectives and a confidence that he or she knows better than an executor how the work should be done,” Olha Koroleva explained.

To feel yourself in harness with programmers and realize a project successfully a project manager, who is a humanitarian, should have basic knowledge in a number of key technical issues. It is necessary to learn relationships and interactions in a “client-server” architecture, to get acquainted with HTTP and basics of both front- and backend development as well as understand databases, elements of testing and API.

At the same time it is important to build good relations and provide the best communication within a team.

“Sometimes teams that are working together embed some new decisions with no discussions of interaction process existing between them. It results in situations when technologies become inconsistent,” says Koroleva.

IT beginners should also study how to break down tasks. This will prove to be helpful while monitoring the progress at any given moment. Moreover, it is important to get skills of determining interconnections between all objectives to distribute tasks within a project in the best way. Finally, one should alway take in mind such issues as optimization of page loading speed as well as SEO.

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