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Teenagers from Kyiv were taught how to create platformer games and RPG in Unity 3D

Teenagers from Kyiv were taught how to create platformer games and RPG in Unity 3D

The programming course Create Your Game on Unity 3D has finished in the Children’s Library in Podil. For three months the schoolchildren from Kiyv and Kyiv region studied the basics of the software engineering, the principles of code writing and creating original games in the most popular platform Unity 3D.

Free courses were organized by IT Company Lucky Labs. In the course of lectures children got the possibility to develop programming skills as well as try themselves as web designers and even script writers. Teenagers gained knowledge of creating visual effects, physics simulation in games and interfaces. Everyone designated a character of the game, created its design and wrote the script and game mechanics by him- or herself.

For example, Timofii Khorolskyi, who is 15 years old, made his own 2D platform game using the animation of the game Heroes of Might and Magic.

“My main character is a mythical creature which resembles a dog. It can walk, jump, cross barriers and defeat enemies. The main distinctive feature of my game is the author’s videos, which I record on my mobile phone and upload to Unity 3D. I film different elements such as, for example, a throw of a ball into a basket. I really enjoy the process of video montage and believe that this very approach helped me create the unique game”, says Timofii.

Moreover, the course was useful since it helped some schoolchildren to make choice concerning their future career.

“I understood that I actually want to become a software developer and further develop my skills in the area of IT. Here I made my first steps in programming as I created my first game. Working in Visual Studio application (which is the algorithm for determining a winner of a game, testing the situation on the field, etc.) was my favorite part of the course”, explains Anastasiia Petrenko, 13 years old, from Vasylkiv.

“This course is a first step on the path of becoming a software engineer. Start at this age gives children the opportunity to grow into a really successful specialist. It is high time they decide on the future career and now they can and should plan their way to the professional education”, states Vilalii Stepsnenko, the lead of the course, who is also the Head of Development Department from Lucky Labs.

In autumn the Children’s Library in Podil in association with Lucky Labs plans to launch the next (which is already the third one) free course on programming.

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